How to: Use visual tools

What is your key message? - Who is your audience?

You can use many types of visual tools when you communicate. The most important visual tool is you yourself - your body language and eye contact. You can also use slides, handouts and infographics. But these can also be a distraction. How can you choose which visual aids will work best to help you deliver your key message? And how can you make
best use of them?


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Planning a presentation

See our advice on how to plan successful presentations

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How to present over Zoom

Our top tips on videoconferencing 

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Visual aids for presentation

Why do we use visual aids? Can we design and use them more effectively?

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Using infographics

Infographics are effective at communicating a lot of information quickly

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Some advice and examples

Our World In Data

Our World In Data

Research and data to make progress against the world's largest problems

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Government Statistical Service logo

Government Statistical Service

Communicating Uncertainty and Change

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Calling bullshit, data reasoning in a digital world

Calling Bullsh*t: The art of scepticism in a data-driven world

Data Reasoning in a Digital World

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Royal Economic Society logo

Winner RES 2019 Undergraduate video competition

A Libra Induced Recession, winner RES 2019 Undergraduate video competition

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Best data vizualisation resources

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Indiana University School of Law logo

Reaching the Visual Learner

Teaching Property Through Art

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Economics Network logo

Economics Network

Economics in films

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Royal Economic Society logo

Royal Economic Society Youtube channel

Access the catalogue of RES videos from explainers, to lectures to conferences

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Reggae video

Bank of Jamaica

Jamaica's central bank is using reggae-inspired music videos to teach people about monetary policy

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