How to: Get Your Message Across

Ever struggled to explain complex economic concepts to you friends and family? We've spoken to as many experts as we can to find the best techniques to get your message across clearly, concisely and in a way that even your mum would understand! 

Explain Your Economics Research in 15 Seconds

Can you explain a research paper in only fifteen seconds?

Take a tip from the Climate Scientists

Hear Ben Chu's advice for speaking to the media

Five Steps of an Economics Research Video

Summarise your research into a 140 second video 

Presentations to help you speak and learn about economics!

Economics Network Event

How can Economists Better Engage with the Public?

Economists show us how to communicate with the public

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Tips from Dr Marianna Koli on talking to the media

Marianna Koli shares her tips for communicating economics

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Holding out for a hero… or two or three

Tim Harford and Noah Smith on what economics needs

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Don't be confused by false balance

Hear Ben Chu's advice for speaking to the media

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Useful Websites

Trento Festival of Economics

Trento Festival of Economics

Takes place every year since 2006

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Marina Della Giusta

Economists and Scientists on Twitter: A Tale of Two Styles?

Dr Marina Della Giusta, Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Reading, discusses how economists can use social media to get the public more involved in economics.

Watch the video
Boy shouting into microphone

Bank Underground

Enhancing understanding of central banks through better communications

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Woman presenting

Presenting with impact

Mark Reed at Fast Track Impact explains how to make the most out of your presentation

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