How to communicate while social distancing

More useful techniques

Five Steps of an Economics Research Video

Summarise your research into a 140 second video 

Explain Your Economics Research in 15 Seconds

Can you explain a research paper in only fifteen seconds?

How can Economists Better Engage with the Public?

Economists show us how to communicate with the public

Don’t be afraid of dumbing down

Hear Ben Chu's advice for speaking to the media


Communicating long distance


How to present over Zoom

Our top tips on videoconferencing 

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Alex Tabarrok

Lessons from Marginal Revolution

Mega-blogger Alex Tabarrok told us about his experience of running an economics blog.

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Ideas for India logo

Setting up and running a policy blog that thrives

We asked Ashok Kotwal and Nalini Gulati from 'Ideas for India' to share their tips on how their site has thrived

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Use videos to explain your research

Using infographics

Infographics are effective at communicating a lot of information quickly

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Golden rules for hosting interviews

Our golden rules for interviewers 

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Six Rules for Writing About Economics

How to get your message across, even to critics

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