Audience: The Public

What is your key message? - Who is your audience?

Engaging with the public about economics ideas and research is important, for the health of the discipline and to promote good decision making.

Don’t be afraid of dumbing down

Hear Ben Chu's advice for speaking to the media


How can Economists Better Engage with the Public?

Economists show us how to communicate with the public

Explain Your Economics Research in 15 Seconds

Can you explain a research paper in only fifteen seconds?

Nobody Cares about your Title

Paul Krugman makes sure we don't get too big for our boots!

What can we do to engage the public?


How to present over Zoom

Our top tips on videoconferencing 

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Planning a presentation

See our advice on how to plan successful presentations

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Advice from Economists in the Public Eye

What advice do some of the UK’s top economics communicators have for their fellow economists? 

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Economics: the profession and the public

Alvin Birdi and Ashley Lait explore the relationship between economists and the media

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Economists who communicate with the public

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The Institute for Fiscal Studies

See their latest reserach

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Bristol Festival of Economics

Bristol Festival of Economics

Our eighth festival programmed by Diane Coyle

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Trento Festival of Economics

Trento Festival of Economics

Takes place every year since 2006

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Dani Rodrik

Dani Rodrik's blog

Unconventional thoughts on economic development and globalization

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Jacob Clifford

Jacob Clifford

Videos to help people understand economics

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Marina Della Giusta

Economists and Scientists on Twitter: A Tale of Two Styles?

Dr Marina Della Giusta, Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Reading, discusses how economists can use social media to get the public more involved in economics.

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Marginal Revolution Logo

Marginal Revolution

Small Steps Towards a Much Better World

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Microeconomic Insights Logo

Microeconomic Insights

Distilling Research for Public Debate

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Bank Underground

Enhancing understanding of central banks through better communications

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