Audience: Policy Makers

Policy makers are a common target audience for economics research. To get your research seen and understood by policy makers it's essential that you are first clear about what the key message of your research are for policy. Policy makers will be interested in things like how relevant your findings are to the specific situation that they face, whether your results depend crucially on some key assumptions and issues of practical concern. The more you think through these issues before you try to communicate your findings, the more impactful your communication will be.

Advice from the Experts

Nobody Cares about your Title

Paul Krugman makes sure we don't get too big for our boots!

Take a tip from the Climate Scientists

Hear Ben Chu's advice for speaking to the media


How to present over Zoom

Our top tips on videoconferencing 

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Do economists have the right INCENTIVES to communicate?

Policy-making, economic research and loss aversion

Fabrizio Ghisellini asks do economist have the right incentives to communicate?

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Get your message across to Policy Makers

Setting up and running a policy blog that thrives

We asked Ashok Kotwal and Nalini Gulati from 'Ideas for India' to share their tips on how their site has thrived

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Communicating Uncertainty in Policy Analysis

False certainty will lead to bad policy. If policy makers understand the nature of certainty they can make better policy.

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Planning a presentation

See our advice on how to plan successful presentations

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Advice for writing policy briefs

UK Parliament Logo

UK Parliament: How to Write a Policy Brief

Official guidance from UK Parliament

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WikiHow Logo

WikiHow: How to Write a Policy Brief

14 steps for writing a policy brief, with pictures!

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PEP logo

Partnership for Economic Policy: Guidelines for Writing a Policy Brief

More guidance on writing policy briefs

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RESYST: Guide to Writing Policy Briefs

Resilient and Responsive Health System's guide to writing policy briefs for research uptake

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IDRC logo

IDRC: How to Write a Policy Brief

International Development Research Centre gives their advice

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Research to Action Logo

Research to Action: How To plan, write and communicate an effective Policy Brief

It's not just what you say, it's how you say it

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North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo

University of North Carolina

This handout offers tips for writing effective policy briefs.

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN Logo

UN: Food Security Communications Toolkit

How to communications strategically for your work to have a maximum impact

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN Logo

More advice from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization

How to write effective policy briefs

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