Telling students what the course is about and how it works

This course aims to teach students how to communicate economic ideas and concepts effectively to non-economists. For most students in UK universities this course has a different format and style of assessment to the courses they are used to. For that reason it is important to communicate clearly to them what is expected of them and what the purpose of various activities are.

I provided a detailed and clear lecture plan. I used infographics to explain the course structure and how assessment would work.

Course structure and overview infographicsStaff contact and assessment infographic

We did a lot of in-class participatory exercises. In order to learn students names, and get them interacting with each other, I used names plates with their names on them. This worked very well.

I frequently stopped my lectures and commented on something that I had said or done to discuss whether it was effective communication or not. I tried to point out where I did things that were not that effective, or where I could have done something differently, as well as when I had done something on purpose because I thought it was an effective way to communicate - e.g. laid a slide out a particular way, presented something in a specific order. I asked their opinion on what I had done and whether they thought it was an effective way to communicate in order to encourage them to provide constructive criticism on my presentation style.

For many students speaking in front other others can be very stressful, and they can react very defensively. Demonstrating self-criticism is one useful way to help relax them. If you make it funny it can help to relax these students.

Here is a more detailed plan for the lectures and tutorials.

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