Communicating Economics using Video & Film

Free Online Lecture Series

Can you use video and film to communicate economics? At Econ Films, we certainly think so.


But, how do you start? The internet is full of ‘how to’ videos but this is the first video series specific to economics.

In February 2020, I gave a lecture to students at the University of Manchester as part of their Communicating Economics course. The practical tips are based on working with hundreds of economists, from first-year students all the way to Nobel Prize winners – and there are relevant lessons for anyone working in economics. 

The lectures are better produced than your average university lecture – and are much shorter at around 10-minutes each and 40-minutes in total. They are also, hopefully, much more enjoyable. 

I start with the most important ingredients: scripting, knowing your message and knowing your audience. I then provide tips on how to make videos yourselves and share examples of how other economists have used these tools to powerful effect.

Thank you to Rachel Griffith and the University of Manchester for making this lecture series possible. 

Bob Denham

Founder, Econ Films

June 2020

Communicating Economics using Video & Film teaser

Watch this for a taste of what's to come in our free online lecture series!

Part 1: Why does good communication matter?

People care about economics, but they don't trust economists - how do we solve this problem? 

Before we make any video, we need to start with using language that people can understand and trust. 

It turns out the rules for doing so have been around for a long time – long before video.

Part 2: Is it even possible to make videos about economics?

Is it even possible to make videos about economics? Econ Films have shown that you can. With the right tools and with a clear idea of your message and your audience, video can be a powerful way to reach a wider audience and have impact.

This video shares some of the tools.

Part 3: The five steps (continued)

This video covers the five steps of making a video about economics and provides feedback on videos students have made. BUT DON’T THINK THAT YOU WON’T MAKE THESE MISTAKES YOURSELVES!

Econ Films has worked with some of the most senior economists in the profession – and trust us, all economists make the same mistakes. So keep watching, you will learn something.

Part 4: Examples & takeaways

We finish with examples of how economists have used the tools of communicating economics (through video and other means) to reach a wider audience.

And we share some of the lessons. 


How to add text and graphics to video

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Part of our communicating economics using video and film lecture series

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